About Us


Nu Beginning Center, LLC is a collaborative system of care that serves children, youth and adults who are in need of mental health, medication management and nutritional/fitness services. We offer individual, group and family therapy, medication management, and exercise and nutrition guidance. Nu Beginning Center, LLC aligns practice, services and programs to locally established clinical and fitness standards.

Medication Management: In collaboration with Steps2Wellness, LLC we provide psychiatric evaluation and medication management. Clients can be referred from hospitals, schools, social workers, shelters, schools, and other social service agencies.

Outpatient Services: We provide outpatient counseling to children, adolescents and adults. Clients are assessed as to the types of services they need with integrated attention to both mental and physical health needs. Services include assessment, individual, family and group therapy, crisis intervention, medication evaluation and fitness appraisals.

Adjunctive Therapies: Research continues to prove that exercise and healthy eating habits improve mental health and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. In collaboration with The300League we will provide health appraisals, exercise and nutrition programs and guidance.